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Are Sleeping Face Masks Good for Men?


Sleeping face masks take the lead when it comes to convenience. They empower you to keep your skin healthy and glowing, by merely applying a mask and slipping right into bed. But it begs the question: is it okay to wear a face mask while sleeping? In other words, are sleeping face masks actually good for you long term?

Since this question has crossed nearly all of our minds, here’s all you need to know about sleeping with a face mask on and whether those overnighters are safe to use.

The Short Answer

The answer for whether sleeping with a face mask overnight is good for you (and safe), the straightforward answer is YES. Sleeping face masks are designed for you to sleep in, keeping your skin in perfect health. But it’s important to choose the right overnight mask – not just any mask you find.


With that said, why are these masks actually good for you? What do they bring to the table for your skincare routine? Not to mention – what’s the “right” overnight sleeping face mask? Let’s find out.

Are Sleeping Face Masks Beneficial For Men?

As a man, if you’ve ever wondered whether you can and should be using sleeping face masks…

The answer is an emphatic YES. Skincare is not just “for women”.

Face masks have always been for men too, as they carry the same benefits that they do for women. From sleeping too little, staring at screens for a long time, and starting to witness fine lines or acne breakouts… sleeping facial masks can be a restoration for your face.

So, how exactly are these masks beneficial? Well, here are a few ways this nightly skincare regimen rejuvenates your skin:

  • Ultra-deep cell hydration & moisturization for your skin,
  • Less visible wrinkles & fine lines, due to overnight masks being full of anti-aging ingredients that leave your skin looking youthful,
  • Firming & re-contouring the appearance of both aging skin & skin-fatigued faces,
  • Brightening of your face, leading to glowing, radiant skin from the presence of soothing minerals & vitamins,
  • Less irritation when razors glide across the skin when shaving, due to softening both the hairs & their follicles,

As you see, overnight face masks are packed with profoundly nourishing and anti-aging ingredients that leave your skin with lasting moisture. Adequate hydration levels, brightening, and a degree of contour help hide everything you don’t want showing.

They basically give your skin some much-needed “TLC”.

How Do Sleeping Face Masks Work?

Overnight face masks aren’t designed for you to just sit idly for 10-20 minutes, waiting for the magic to happen.

Instead, you apply them, and simply head to bed. Also called sleeping face masks, sleeping masks, or leave-on masks, these are all masks designed to enable ingredients to penetrate your skin and pores very deeply.


Primarily, these masks serve as barriers that prevent dust, dirt, and other bacteria from closing in on your pores. They simultaneously act as sealants, which lock in their active ingredients. These beneficial ingredients seep in all night, to ensure your skin reaps the maximum benefit (without getting immediately absorbed as you sleep).

Because they boast such features, these masks are meant to stay on your face for longer than traditional face masks. This also contributes delivering more substantial results and providing amplified effects – ranging from hydration to brightening.

That’s in addition to the fact that skin cells reproduce and replicate overnight, essentially between 10:00 PM and 2:00 AM. You’re now able to support your skin’s natural renewal process through the mask, since metabolism is already at its peak.

This naturally leads to kicking your skin’s regenerative processes into overdrive!

Should You Use an Overnight Face Mask?


Just because sleeping face masks are great for most, doesn’t mean everyone should be using them.

Mostly, people start using skincare products (like masks) when signs of aging skin begin to appear. Faint, fine lines, crow’s feet, and wrinkles that were once only visible when you were angry, are now visible even on a straight face.

Just like our bodies age, so does our skin, which hinders its ability to remain elastic and bright. Accordingly, overnight face masks give it the boost it needs, to make facial contours more defined and signs of aging less noticeable.

So, suppose you want to eliminate the signs of aging skin early on and take as many preventative steps as possible to delay the aging process. In that case, you should undoubtedly add an overnight face mask to your skincare arsenal.

For those in their 40s and 50s, we’ve also got detailed supplement regimens here!

It’s also worth mentioning that, like other masks, sleeping face masks target different facial issues. You’ll find different masks for dullness, acne, dryness, signs of aging and more – so choose based on your skin concerns, and skin type.

Tip: Some sleeping face masks can be very drying, so you wouldn’t want to use them overnight. If you do use them, make sure you only use them as “spot treatment” for specific areas with pimples or acne.

Is It Bad to Fall Asleep With a Face Mask on?

By now, you know that sleeping face masks are one thing and standard face masks are another.

With that said, not all masks are designed for sleeping in overnight, although most are considered safe. However, you need to take care of a couple of aspects that could pose risks, like:

  • Masks with retinol or acids shouldn’t be slept in, especially if your skincare arsenal has other products containing the same ingredients,
  • Clay, activated charcoal, or similar ingredients are exceptionally drying, so they shouldn’t be used in overnight masks (unless you have excessively oily skin),
  • Masks with alcohol can be severely damaging to your skin,
  • Face masks which don’t harden, or those made at home (DIYs) can be too runny, making sleeping in them uncomfortable (and they could ruin sheets and pillowcases),

Tips for Sleeping With An Overnight Face Mask


Most sleeping face masks are very straightforward to apply, and are accompanied by directions for use. Still, it’s important to remember to test some of the mask on a patch of your skin first, to ensure you won’t have an allergic reaction.

You also want to apply the mask to clean, dry skin to avoid uncalled-for reactions.

Plus, it’s best to wait for the mask to set or harden before you head to bed so that you don’t cause any bed linen damage. If the mask won’t harden and you want to sleep, you should definitely put a towel over the pillow first.

Once you wake up, don’t neglect washing your mask off. Do so thoroughly!

Related Sleep Mask Questions: 

How Often Should You Use an Overnight Face Mask?

Once or twice a week would be ideal.

Basically, treat overnight face masks like you’d treat regular creams. At most, you could extend the frequency to two or three times a week. While we don’t suggest using an overnight mask daily, some won’t do any harm – especially those specializing in long-lasting moisture.

Sleeping face masks are generally safe to sleep in, and they’re precisely designed for overnight use (hence their name).

However, it doesn’t hurt to test the mask on your skin first, to avoid any unwelcome potential allergic reactions. But remember – only some (not all) masks can be used overnight! So, if you do go with one that isn’t, scope out and prioritize gentle ingredients.

Key Takeaways & Conclusion:

As long as the above boxes are ticked, you’ll be well on your way to empowering your skin and achieving optimum glow, amidst all the caffeine, shaving, lack of sleep, laptop and mobile screens, and constant grinding on your purpose!

Whether you’re going to be on camera soon, have a hot date, or more, you won’t have to worry.

And the best part? Your skin recharges while you’re doing nothing but snoozing! Plus, no residue on your pillow, just a light gel consistency, similar to a moisturizer.

We recommend sleeping in the right face masks, as they’re highly efficient at exfoliating, cleansing, and moisturizing your skin, long term. These are all very strong components for a long-lasting skincare routine, that keeps you looking as young as you can, for as long as you can!


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