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The 5 Best Magnesium For Sleep Supplement List


In becoming a more optimized, powerful gentleman with tact, skill, and wellness… You need to keep an eye on proper sleep. Many things help with this mission, like getting to bed around the same time, not eating right before bed, upgrading your sleep environment, and more. In this post, we’ll tackle one of the most well-rounded supplements for sleep – magnesium. Not only that, we’ll cover the best magnesium for sleep, by ranking our top five choices. Let’s dive in!

Before we begin…

Remember, Sleep Is NOT Just A Luxury.


In a fast-paced world, as a man, you’ve got to match up with the speed of your business or career…

Keep a healthy social life. Plan for your future. Remember to intake healthy nutrition. Optimize your supplementation and work out to keep your strength and physique up.

So you’re bound to lose your mind as a man, if you don’t get at least seven quality hours of sleep a day.

Experts estimate that around 36% of men don’t get enough sleep, or suffer from sleep disorders. This is no small number! Skimp on sleep, and your body starts to protest – affecting your mood, memory, physical health – and maybe even the number of sick days you take at work.

If you’re at a job now, looking forward to starting your own purpose-driven organization? You need to perform at your best, to stack capital, gain experience, and prepare for the departure into entrepreneurship.

While melatonin has traditionally been the answer for sleep deprivation, many men prefer the natural way, and by “natural”, we mean magnesium supplements.

Even recent research has come out from Andrew Huberman, (Stanford neuroscientist) about how melatonin supplementation can negatively influence testosterone production.

So if you’re curious about which products can help you doze off without balancing a racing mind and stressful thoughts, continue reading for the best magnesium for sleep.

The 5 Best Magnesium Supplements For Sleep, At A Glance:


1) Elm & RyeBest Overall
2) Nature Made Magnesium Citrate – Best Citrate
3) Klean Athlete – Klean MagnesiumBest for Athletes
4) Jigsaw Health MagSRTBest Timed-Release Formula
5) NOW Supplements MagnesiumBest Budget Choice

Since these magic little pills can help your body recharge and restore its functions with quality sleep, let’s delve into the top five magnesium supplements we have in store for you!

1. Elm & Rye – Best Magnesium For Sleep Overall

Elm & Rye’s products are all about boosting metabolism and supporting performance – but their magnesium supplements go the extra mile to provide you with sound sleep.

These are some of the safest, most effective magnesium pills on the market. They’re made from sustainable materials, and have undergone third-party testing to ensure quality and potency.

The package contains a combination of 100% natural ingredients. This includes magnesium gluconate, which helps with insomnia and sleep disorders (linked to stress, anxiety, and restless leg syndrome) by increasing the release of GABA in the body.

Many other supplements, like Phenibut, increase GABA levels and ensure a crossing of the blood-brain barrier for maximum effects.

GABA stands for Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid. It is a natural, brain-relaxing chemical, whose healthy levels ensure sound sleep, relaxation, and anti-anxiety.

Apart from a sleep-inducing effect, Elm & Rye’s magnesium supplement promotes bone and muscle health – great news for our guys who hit the gym regularly (HINT: you should be moving and challenging yourself everyday!). These pills help you recover after intense exercise or a tiring day at work – and guarantee you a good night’s sleep, free of any muscle pain.

If you haven’t already, go check out our article on the 5 best OTC muscle relaxers here.

As for the price, it’s not the most affordable package on the market. But – it’s absolutely worth every penny. Each box you purchase contains 30 tablets, enough to cover you for a whole month.

Ingredient List:

  • Magnesium gluconate (30mg),
  • Vegetable magnesium stearate,
  • Croscarmellose sodium,
  • Microcrystalline cellulose,
  • Silicon dioxide,
  • Dicalcium phosphate,
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose,
  • Stearic acid

This is by far, our best overall pick for magnesium supplements on the market.

2. Nature Made Magnesium Citrate – Best Citrate

Now, you already know how magnesium helps promote sleepiness, and helps a guy get to sleep. But when combined with citrate? The effect extends into your digestive system.

And that’s what Nature Made Magnesium Citrate supplements provide you with.

Citrate has a laxative effect – it pulls water into your intestine, softening the bulk in the bowel, and relieving constipation. That’s why it’s a no-brainer for men who suffer from constipation regularly, and experience disturbances in nightly sleep because of it.

The package comes with 120 pills, enough for 30-60 days, according to your doctor’s prescription or desired dose. The ingredients are of very high quality, and are verified by the USP – so you can rest assured you’re not taking anything harmful.

For those allergic to gluten, these supplements are deemed safe, as they’re gluten-free. They’re also derived from natural sources and don’t contain artificial flavoring agents.

Their only downside is that they’re on the larger side; but even that has been taken care of, since they come in the form of softgels (not hard tablets), making them easier to swallow and digest.

Ingredient List:

  • Magnesium citrate (250gm),
  • Medium chain triglycerides (MCT),
  • Natural soy lecithin,
  • Yellow beeswax,
  • Gelatin,
  • Glycerin,
  • Natural colors (including carmine)

3. Klean Athlete – Klean Magnesium – Best for Athletes

Men who work out a lot, and lead an active lifestyle (this should be you), experience lots of muscle soreness or stiffness.

In turn, they get below-average-quality sleep, spasms, and/or wake up with problem areas. Whether these spasms are from lactic acid buildup, delayed contraction, or DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness), Klean Magnesium is the supplement you’re looking for as an athlete of any kind.

The package contains 90 capsules, each containing 120mg of magnesium glycinate. As per your doctor or coach’s orders, the dose should typically be 1-4 capsules per day.

The formula works by promoting the production of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) in the body. This supplies energy for muscle contraction, and helps reduce your recovery time while working out.

This means you can take these pills after your workout, and never worry about tossing and turning all night, due to a sore leg or an aching arm.

What makes this formula even better, is that it’s very gut-friendly! Apart from the relaxing effects of magnesium glycinate, it gets absorbed easily and reduces stomach upset, making it an ideal choice if you suffer from digestive issues.

The product is certified by NSF and free of artificial colorings and sweeteners. It’s also vegan-friendly and contains zero gluten, wheat, and GMO for those on diet restrictions, or looking to avoid these compounds.

Ingredient List:

  • Magnesium glycinate (120 mg),
  • Ascorbyl palmitate,
  • Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose

4. Jigsaw Health MagSRT – Best Timed-Release Formula

Jigsaw Health MagSRT sells sustained-release tablets – containing dimagnesium malate – along with vitamin B12 and B6.

This unique blend helps increase oxygen supply to the muscles – alleviating muscle cramps, relaxing the body, and in turn, promoting the quality of sleep.

If you don’t understand what sustained-release entails, here’s the gist…

Instead of breaking down and being absorbed the moment they reach your stomach, sustained-release tablets take their time releasing magnesium into your body – thus improving its absorption. They also give your body the chance to benefit from the supplements for longer hours than usual.

These smart tablets are also easy on the stomach, so you won’t have issues digesting them (even if you suffer from stomach problems). Since they’re absorbed slowly, they guarantee the maximum effect, and minimum irritation.

These magnesium supplements have undergone third-party testing, so they’re completely safe.

And if you’re concerned about one of the ingredients riling up any allergies in your body, this product is free of GMO, gluten, soy, eggs, and dairy products.

Ingredient List:

  • Dimagnesium malate (500mg),
  • Pyridoxal-5-phosphate (Vitamin B6),
  • Methylcobalamin (Vitamin B12),
  • Quatrefolic 5MTHF

5. NOW Magnesium Supplements – Budget Choice

In the life of a focused, driven guy… You already have a lot to spend your money on.

Ideally, you’re investing excess capital in building a new business, getting in shape, hiring a coach or mentor, buying self-developmental courses, books, and the like…

And while you should NOT skimp on your health, you can still aim to save a few bucks with Now Magnesium supplements, all without compromising quality.

This wallet-friendly package comes with a 90-day supply – so not only will you pay less for the supplements, but you also won’t worry about buying another box for three months, sparing yourself the expenses of frequent restocking.

Each capsule of Now Magnesium contains 400mg magnesium citrate, oxide, and aspartate, along with a blend of relaxing ingredients that have a calming effect. This of course helps you sleep, relieve constipation, and promote muscle health simultaneously. They also offer a significant impact on restless leg cramps and muscle aches.

All ingredients are naturally processed and certified by UL. The magnesium product is soy-free, for those at the risk of acquiring an allergy, animal-friendly for vegans, and keto-friendly for men following a strict ketogenic diet.

Ingredient List:

  • Magnesium citrate, oxide, and aspartate (400mg),
  • Hypromellose,
  • Stearic Acid,
  • Silicon Dioxide

How to Choose The Best Magnesium for Sleep:

When choosing supplements, you must take extra care to choose the product that’s most suitable for you – NOT just the best in general. Here are a few factors you should check before pulling the trigger…


Types of Magnesium Supplements:

From the products listed above, you’ve probably noticed that magnesium comes in all shapes and sizes.

This means choosing the wrong form can cause side effects you don’t want to deal with. You should always double-check that your supplement-of-choice is the right one for you.

For example, chelated and sustained-release tablets make it easier for the stomach to absorb magnesium. These types of formulas are most suitable for those who have sensitive stomachs, or suffer from any type of digestive issue.

Apart from the formula, magnesium is almost always mixed with other minerals, to enhance its calming effect, and add extra benefits to the supplement. Among the popular forms you’ll come across are:

Magnesium Glycinate

Glycinate works hand in hand with magnesium, to induce a calming effect – improving sleep and modulating your heart’s rhythm. It also reduces stress levels and anxiety, so you can sleep better at night.

Along with this soothing effect, the mix of magnesium and glycinate is recommended for men suffering from diabetes, as it helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Magnesium Citrate & Oxide

These easily-absorbed formulas are gentle on the body. They induce the calming effect you need to sleep, once your head hits the pillow. They’re also potent laxatives. They help increase the fluids in the intestines and enhance your bowel movements.

Magnesium Malate

Malate – the most gentle type on the stomach! Magnesium malate is known for being gut-friendly, so it’s often recommended by doctors, for those who have absorption problems.

Apart from its calming effect, it helps relieve chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.

However, be aware that although it does promote regular bowel movements, it has less of a laxative effect than citrate and oxide. So if constipation is a problem, you’re better off with these options instead.

Magnesium Taurate

In addition to its sleep-inducing effect, magnesium taurate plays an important role in regulating the heart rate and abnormal heart rhythms. This makes it a suitable choice for those suffering from arrhythmia, or other heart problems. It also regulates blood pressure and maintains the blood sugar levels in your bloodstream.

It’s worth mentioning that this form is almost always coated – so it’s absorbed easily and shows faster effects.

Magnesium Chloride

This form shares the laxative effect of citrate, boosts exercise performance, and helps prevent migraines, all of which reflect on the quality of your sleep.

Depending on a whole host of factors, we suggest you pair the desired effects of the specific brand, with the right compounds above. This will help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for in a great night’s rest.

Magnesium Dosage & Timing

If you’re taking magnesium for sleep, that’s because you likely have a magnesium deficiency.

It’s this deficiency that’s increasing your stress level and keeping you from sleeping soundly. However, you shouldn’t just recklessly take pills like magnesium to overcompensate.

The recommended intake of magnesium per day is from 100 to 350mg. Not a lot.

As we mentioned before, magnesium has effects other than the stress-relief and muscle-relaxant, like those effects on your heart and your bowels.

Taking more than the recommended dosage can cause these effects to turn from good to bad, and alter your body’s normal functions. That means if you take more than 350mg of magnesium (unless specified by your doctor), you’re at risk of experiencing nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and in worse cases, uneven heartbeat and kidney problems.

That’s why it’s recommended to always start with the lowest dosage, and don’t add more pills until you consult a healthcare provider.

It’s also worth mentioning, that just because magnesium helps you sleep doesn’t mean you have to take the pills before bedtime. The supplement enables you to drift off to sleep, but doesn’t induce sleep directly. You can take it pretty much anytime in the evening and have the same effect.

Magnesium’s Other Ingredients

Finally, check the label to see what your chosen package includes, other than magnesium. If you have dietary restrictions or certain allergies from some ingredients (like gluten, wheat, eggs, or soy) you can always find an alternative that’s free of these substances.

Conclusion to The Best Magnesium Supplements For Sleep

By now you’ve got to know, that when it comes to magnesium supplements, there’s no one product “better” than the others. Each guy will have special requirements. The product that works best for someone else may not be the best for you.

If potency and quality of ingredients are your primary concern, Elm & Rye is the best magnesium for sleep you can opt for.

For men suffering from constipation, Nature Made Magnesium Citrate supplements can do the trick. The presence of citrate along with magnesium helps alleviate bowel problems and promote sleep quality at the same time.

Last but not least, Klean Magnesium is the ideal pick for the athletes and active men out there.

Make sure to match the brand and its purported effects, with the right chemical compounds we’ve listed above (and remember proper dosage) to get the most optimized effect!


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