The Optimized Gentleman

[9/3/21] Issue 3


T.O.G. Newsletter Issue #3 – September 3rd, 2021

The Aging Man’s Sleep Patterns,
The Memory Hormone ‘Irisin’ &
7 Ayurvedic Recipes


Welcome to your weekly roundup – The Optimized Gentleman’s ‘5 Minute Optimization’ Newsletter

This is week #3, the third issue ever! It will include our usual three topics – sleep, movement, and nutrition.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be tailoring it to your ideas and popular recommendations… just like a great suit.

Remember, as an O.G., you should be monitoring your sleep, movement activities, and nutrition. This way, you can stay FOCUSED building your income streams, social skills and position – and investing money (into assets) and time (into your future).

Wanna sleep better as you age? A new JAMA study reveals how to avoid/combat Alzheimer’s with sleep, some harrowing American sleep data, and how to “maintain healthy sleep later in life”.

Need to Boost Your Memory? Discover HOW to work out properly, and boost the hormone “irisin” – so you never forget the important things again!

Need Simple, Healthy (Ancient) Recipes? Indian Dr. Aparna Padmanabhan reveals seven simple Ayurvedic recipes, for those who have (or haven’t) had run-ins with COVID…

OK, Gent – Let’s get CRACKIN’:


Are You Among the 42% of Americans Sleeping Less Than 6 Hours Per Night? If So, Listen Up.


Here’s the thing about sleep and age… Older men often experience disturbed sleep, stemming from natural changes in cognitive function.

Factors like age, stress, and a busy life, all contribute to sleep that’s diminished in quality and length.

All of this has been linked to Alzheimer’s, depression, and even cardiovascular disease!

A JAMA (Journal of American Medical Association) Neurology study revealed these findings to be true. They said adults who get less than 6 hours of sleep are at risk.

“The main takeaway is that it’s important to maintain healthy sleep late in life.”

Now for some hard-and-fast stats:

– Over HALF of Americans have continually disrupted sleep,
– Only 14 PERCENT wake up feeling rested every day of the week, and
– 42 PERCENT of Americans sleep less than 6 hours per night,

This is vital reading for older men.

Learn how to OPTIMIZE your sleep, and reduce Beta Amyloid (of which plaque buildups cause Alzheimer’s) by checking out this article and the study!


How to Exercise to Boost Memory, Cognition & Hormone Irisin:


Everybody knows exercise is good for the brain.

But what you may not be thinking of, is long-term health and longevity from the movements you put your body through.

Specifically when it comes to memory, the hormone irisin proves vital in remembering what’s important.

When you exercise, your muscles produce this hormone that crosses into your brain – and enhances the health of your neurons.

Though the study used rodents, the implications are huge for movement, memory, and cognition in people too!

Click here to learn more about how to protect your brain’s healthmemorycognition, and mental function.

Remember, as an O.G., you need every leg up you can get…

By improving memory by doing the right exercises, you’ll be able to sustain high levels of learning, focus, and competition with other hungry guys in your arena.


7 COVID-Combatting, Ayurvedic Recipes From An Indian Doctor


COVID made just about everyone in the world more obsessed with immunity, health, and the effect of viruses.

But do you think most guys turn to taking initiative, healthy food intake, and strength? Or are most focused on fear, skepticism, and avoidance?

We’d guess the latter. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

With proper nutrition, and borrowing from centuries-old Ayurvedic practices, you can boost your health to tip-top shape, and build a strong immunity.

As we already know, the people most affected by the virus tend to be older patients with pre-existing conditions.

But Indian doctor Aparna Padmanabhan has come up with simple, at-home recipes using some of the core ingredients of Ayurveda..

… things like cumin, cardamom, ginger, lentils, coriander and other vital herbs and spices like black pepper (containing piperine) to help you absorb the nutrients effectively!

Check out these super basic, easy recipes that can kickstart a very healthy diet on a budget HERE.


Conclusion to This Week’s 5-Minute Optimization Newsletter Issue


Look, Gent – if you want to continue to produce optimal results, feel your best, and get out of the sluggish, baseline routine you have that doesn’t contribute to wellbeing…

… you’ve got to start with small changes. Improving mood and brain health by getting more quality sleep

Exercising to increase memory and cognitive function…

And reducing inflammation… boosting energy… and feeling your absolute best with Ayurvedic nutrition IS that start.

Apply these small tweaks in your day-to-day routine, and start to experience the world of difference it brings you. We look forward to hearing your progress – remember to write into us and let us know which has been most impactful for you!


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