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[9/24/21] Issue 6


T.O.G. Newsletter Issue #6 – September 24th, 2021

Sleep & Depression, Age-Resistant Mobility, Plus a ‘Man of Steel’ Workout Plan!


Welcome to your weekly roundup – The Optimized Gentleman’s 5 Minute Optimization Newsletter

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be tailoring it to your ideas and popular recommendations… Kinda like a great suit.

Remember, as an O.G., you should be monitoring your sleep, movement activities, and nutrition. This way, you can stay FOCUSED building your income streams, social skills and position – and investing money (into assets) and time (into your future).

This week’s roundup will include the usual three topics – sleep, movement, and nutrition.

Feeling down, depressed, or anxious? Your sleep habits and patterns could be to blame. Today’s sleep section will reveal how to fix your highs and lows.

Want an age-resistant plan to mobility? NWA online reveals how to take care of your joints through the years, move pain-free, and stay agile and limber (at any age) as a man!

Need a ‘Man of Steel’-level workout/nutrition plan? Henry Cavill has you covered. Yahoo! News revealed the 38-year old’s beastly training and eating program.

OK, Gent – Let’s get CRACKIN’:


Mental & Emotional Health Linked to Proper Sleep Hygiene:


We’ve suggested a few of these “mental health” and emotional intelligence links to sleep before at TOG…

But did you know, you rob yourself of emotional wellness, by robbing yourself of sleep hours?

Even if you think getting four, five, or six hours of sleep per night will cut it…

… we’re telling you right now that it won’t. And we’ve said it before, too.

This story highlights the struggle of a 25-year old guy, who in theory should have high natural Test levels, HGH, and lead an active lifestyle.

But instead of heavenly sleep, dude was seeing interruption, insomnia, and as a result? Depression and anxiety.

As he highlights his old nocturnal patterns, you can see why his sleep sucked. Fixing the following helped him nod off effectively:

– Winding down his devices an hour before bed,
– Blocking the blue light, using apps and glasses,
– Developing good sleep hygiene with his GF, and
– Setting up bedtime routines and hard limits to ‘switch off’

You can do the same too, if you’re serious about feeling 100% when you wake up!

Sustaining high energy levels leads to you waking up to tackle major tasks in the morning and getting ahead in your business, financial life.

Check out the article here.


Old, Then Stiff? Nope. Stiff… Then Old!


Getting older should not rob you of health and mobility.

Most guys truly believe that you get old, then you get all stiff and painful. It’s actually the other way around…

… first you get stiff n’ sedentary, then you get old and in pain!

Recently N.W. Arkansas Democrat Gazette released a helpful R.O.M. (Range of Motion) pushup variation for shoulder joints and others.

Don’t let the name fool you – it’s got nothing to do with politics (at least this article), but its recommendations are important.

It shares how often to strength train, how much cardiovascular work should be in your workouts, and even what to eat (like root veggies and antioxidant-packed foods) to reduce joint inflammation.

Don’t get old and stiff. Keep up a proper movement routine, and increase your flexibility and range of motion HERE.


‘Man of Steel’ Shows YOU Iron-Clad Workouts & Nutrition, to Get (and stay!) Jacked:


Henry Cavill, (AKA Superman) has been a beast for ages…

… but did you know, he’s got workout regimens and personal trainers on the level of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?

This 38-year old knows a thing or two about getting (and staying) jacked, healthy, pain-free, and mobile. In a recent Yahoo! article, Henry shares his secrets about his home gym, his personal routines, what he eats, and top-of-the-line advice his trainers give him, to match his goals.

Not only is he big and strong, able to throw cars and defeat Batman…

the S-man is health-conscious!

With scoops of grass-fed whey, cups of oats, omelettes and more, he fights inflammation like he fights crime. Learn about his strength-gaining routines HERE.


To Those Who Didn’t Get Our Health Optimization Guide For Free… We’re Releasing The Full Version Now!


A lot of our early subscribers got the full Health Optimization Guide for free…

And we were glad to give it away for feedback! We had about 250 ambitious, optimized gentlemen grab that…

Now, we’re releasing our 5-chapter book for just $37 bucks – along with another option to get in-depth workouts, routines, meal plans, strength coaching videos, nutrition, and sleep/optimization tips that will help YOU recover from your workouts, fast, with ease!

If you want to build a strong, respectable physique, increase magnetism to the opposite sex, and feel your absolute best in your body….

You should go get the full scoop here.


Conclusion to This Week’s 5-Minute Optimization Newsletter Issue 


Look Gent, whether you’re looking to:

1) Improve your happiness, mental health, cognition & emotional stability,

2) Combat age & stay limber & joint-flexible, OR

3) Get ‘Man of Steel’-level musculature & internal health

… We hope this week’s in-depth optimizations serve you well! As usual, the key to any of these implementations is CONSISTENCY; just like what it takes to build strong income flows, a respectable physique, and reliable interpersonal relationships.

As usual, we suggest you implement one of these at a time; beginning with the low-hanging fruit of whichever you need the most.

Try them out, get in your zone, and have a great weekend!


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