The Optimized Gentleman

[8/20/21] Issue 2


T.O.G. Newsletter Issue #2 – August 20th, 2021

Naps, 6-Pack Sprints…
And Eatin’ Clean & Mean?


Welcome to your weekly roundup – The Optimized Gentleman’s ‘5 Minute Optimization’ Newsletter

This is week #2, the second issue ever! It will include our usual three topics – sleep, movement, and nutrition.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be tailoring it to your ideas and popular recommendations… just like a great suit.

Remember, as an O.G., you should be monitoring your sleep, movement activities, and nutrition. This way, you can stay FOCUSED building your income streams, social skills and position – and investing money (into assets) and time (into your future).

Feeling sleep deprived? A brand new Oxford study reveals why napping during the day can help you feel like new – but isn’t ideally recommended.

Lookin’ for a pack of sixes? Chris Heria (renowned calisthenics guy) shares his best tips to shred down lean – and see a countable six pack!

Need to get your food in order? Having trouble going hard on snacks, junk food, and other stuff (you know you shouldn’t eat)? We reveal a roundup of the year’s 10 best online nutrition courses (6 are under $100 bucks)!

OK, Gent – Let’s get CRACKIN’:


Naps Good. Sleep Deprivation Bad.


First off, did you know short naps WON’T help your brain function better during the day, if you’re sleep deprived…

… but they WILL help you combat those effects!

Basically, when you’re behind on sleep, dragging ass through your day – you’re not going to catch up with just a quick nap.

However, according to Oxford’s new study, you are more likely to increase your alertness, mood, pattern recognition, focus at work, and strength with brief naps.

Go find out what 275 college kids learned about sleep here!


Naps, 6-Pack Sprints…
And Eatin’ Clean & Mean!


If you’ve been looking to shred down into summer-stamped, 6-pack shape…

… today’s your lucky day. If you know of Chris Heria, you’re probably deep into the calisthenics world.

Here you can watch as Chris pulls back the curtain on his most cutting-edge, ab-centric workout.

His routine consists of 15 sets of 15-second sprints. 10 seconds rest.

Then, it’s straight into a 4-mile run – while staggering his treadmill speed downward with distance.

He finishes up with a half-mile of lateral running, stemming from his boxing footwork days.

DO NOT miss this. See Heria’s process in this video!


Intelligent‘s Top 10 Best Nutrition Courses (Ranked Best to Worst)


If you’ve ever wanted an easier way to learn proper nutrition… there probably isn’t one.

Quite literally, the straightest path forward is going where all knowledge is contained, and absorbing what applies to you.

With Intelligent’s 10 Best Online Nutrition Courses roundup, this IS that knowledge container.

If budget is a concern, the cheapest courses are the great price of free, and the next up is only $49! Check out what they have to offer you HERE.

Nutrition isn’t rocket science. It’s food science, that’s been covered from every which angle!

MAN UP, Gent! Take responsibility for your eating, and check out what’s on offer…


Conclusion to This Week’s 5-Minute Optimization Newsletter Issue


In short:

NAP MORE when you’re sleep deprived,
– SPRINT for cardio, abs, and a shredded look, and
– MASTER the fundamentals of macronutrients

Remember, the only way to find out what you’re truly made of is to OPTIMIZE your baseline.

Experience what true health, energy, and mobility have to offer you… at any age.

We look forward to seeing your progress. Have fun, explore, and challenge your limits!


Suggestions For Next Week?


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It’s an exciting new release, and we hope you found value inside.

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