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[8/13/21] Issue 1


T.O.G. Newsletter Issue #1 – August 13th, 2021

Neuro-Scientific Calisthenics?


Welcome to your weekly roundup – The Optimized Gentleman’s 5 Minute Optimization Newsletter

… Week #1! This is the very first issue of our newsletter.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be tailoring the content to fit you perfectly… Kinda like a great suit.

Remember, as an O.G., you should be monitoring and improving your sleep, movement activities, and nutrition. This helps you FOCUS on building your income streams, social skills and position – and investing excess capital (into assets) and time (into your future).

This week’s roundup will include the usual three topics – sleep, movement, and nutrition.

For SLEEP, we’ll suggest a few optimizations you can implement ASAP – and get back into the zone to really feel like you’re crushing life with your positive momentum.

For the MOVEMENT and NUTRITION, we’ll reveal cutting-edge science, and a new formulaic approach to biohacking and movement!

We’ll feature the same brand for these two sections in this issue; because we’re revealing a guy you’ll wanna pay attention to!

OK, Gent – Let’s get CRACKIN’:


5 Ways to Snap Your Sleep Cycles Outta Bad #Quarantinelife Habits:


New statements – from the Minnesota Mayo Clinic, University of Colorado Boulder, and the Massachusetts Brigham & Women’s Hospital – suggest a lot, about getting back to regular sleep habits after that #quarantinelife.

They came up with five impactful habits – easy to say, hard to apply – but should help you get to back to peak hormonal, testosterone, energy, and focus levels!

The 5 Habits Are:

1) Establish Consistent Daily Wake & Sleep Times

Because when you sleep and wake, is just as important as how long you sleep!

2) Avoid Common Sleep Killers

Like alcohol. Sugar. Bedroom TV. Screen time in bed, and more.

3) Prep For Bed At Least 1 Hour Before

Relax; do some deep breathing. Have a bedtime routine, and shut off your screens and TVs.

4) Skip The Afternoon Naps

Seriously. They mess up your internal sleep clock, and make it harder to fall (and stay!) asleep.

5) Exercise (DUH)

You’ll be more physically exhausted, and looking forward to that soft pillow at bedtime. It can really help guys with insomnia too.


Jean Who? Jean Fallacara Teaches Us His “Neuroscience Calisthenics” Methodologies:


OK, onto this week’s movement practices…

This is a pretty interesting concept we just ran across. It’s spearheaded by a guy named Jean Fallacara.

He calls it “Neuroscience Calisthenics”.

Long and short, he believes it’s the future of fitness – incorporating physical biohacking, emotional feedback systems and mental efficiency, with neuroscience.

Its 4 Core Tenets Are:

1) Neuroplasticity

This is your brain’s ability to physically adapt its neural pathways, in response to what you feed it.

This helps you learn quicker, adapt to new movements, and use your mental power to increase your physical output!

2) Biohacking Techniques

Biohacking (optimizing your body’s functions by becoming a human guinea pig) well, it’s nothing new.

BUT, Fallacara’s methods incrementally improve results – from weight loss to depression symptoms – to systematically increase your performance.

3) Gymnastics, Calisthenics & Custom Workouts

Jean suggests everyone use a custom workout, ideally built for you by a trainer. This’ll help your performance, because your goals, macros, injuries, and/or struggles will all be accounted for.

Couple this with a custom nutrition plan, and you’ll hit your goals faster than you can imagine.

4) Lastly, Incorporate a Growth Mindset

If you’ve ever read Carol Dweck’s powerful Mindset book, you know all about this.

With the right approach, you condition your brain to learn new bodyweight, flexibility, and lifting exercises with ease.

Check out the full MOVEMENT article on Influencive right here!


Jean’s Way to Optimize T, Get Shredded & Feel Fantastic


Along the theme of nutrition, biohacking, and Jean’s interesting approach to “Neuroscience Calisthenics”… he’s got some interesting suggestions that align with our own T.O.G. principles.

Fallacara suggests the following base practices, for T-optimization and healthy fuel intake:

GET enough sleep each night (prioritizing R.E.M.)
– EAT enough of the right foods – particularly local, farm-grown
– MONITOR blood glucose levels, via at-home blood tests for 30 days (to get a baseline),
– COMMIT to I.F., or intermittent fasting (sound familiar?)
– LISTEN to functional music that helps pump you up for workouts, and optimize brain states & activity!

He covers them in depth in this article on his Cyborg Gains website.

Also, we’d suggest reading his article on natural testosterone optimizations HERE, as well.

If you’re interested in more of Jean Fallacara’s work, last October he released his flagship book on Neuroscience Calisthenics – grab it here.


Conclusion to Our Very First 5-Minute Optimization Newsletter Issue


If you’re thinking these were simple and straightforward recommendations? You’d be right.

This is NOT the point. Don’t fall into the trap of looking for “advanced techniques” inside $997 courses, to teach you the basics of health.

All you need to do is read the above, start implementing, and go out and test your limits!

The only way to find out what you’re made of, is to OPTIMIZE your baseline. Experience what true health, energy, and mobility have to offer you… at any age!

We look forward to seeing your progress. Have fun and test yourself!


Suggestions For Next Week?


Look Gent, we sincerely hope you enjoyed the very first edition of our weekly newsletter.

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