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[10/8/21] Issue 8


T.O.G. Newsletter Issue #8 – October 8th, 2021

Falling Asleep Faster, Baracell Yoga & A Top Swimming Magazine’s Nutrition Advice


Welcome to your weekly roundup – The Optimized Gentleman’s 5 Minute Optimization Newsletter

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be tailoring it to your ideas and popular recommendations… Kinda like a great suit.

Remember, as an O.G., you should be monitoring your sleep, movement activities, and nutrition. This way, you can stay FOCUSED building your income streams, social skills and position – and investing money (into assets) and time (into your future).

This week’s roundup will include the usual three topics – sleep, movement, and nutrition.

Having trouble falling asleep? We’ve discovered a few Harvard Med School recommendations, to fall asleep quicker, stay down for longer, and get the rest you need as a high-impact man on the grind.

Need a NEW way to move your body? Thrive Global has revived a unique yoga called “Barracell”, performed on the ground, inspired by ballet. Before you write it off and laugh… check it out.

Looking for new-trition inspiration? A popular swimmer’s mag shows you a ton of new healthy combinations, recipes, and body fat recommendations!

OK, Gent – Let’s get CRACKIN’:


Wanna Fall Asleep Quicker…
And Stay Down For Longer?


Well, there are a few ways to do it!

We know that one of the most frustrating experiences, is not being able to glide off to sleep when you’re ridiculously tired.

In fact, we’ve covered this very issue in-depth on our blog.

It’s such a common problem, that Clayton News has covered some of the most important ways you can get a hold on your sleep cycles:

Drift off, rather than try to hit the hay and crash. Sleeping too fast is actually a sign you’re sleep deprived.

Train your brain to view the bedroom as the place for only sex and sleep. That means no endless scrolling, phone calls or business work, Gent!

20 or bust – if you can’t fall asleep inside 20 minutes, get up. Do something relaxing until drowsy – then try again.

Build a nighttime routine – also something we’ve covered quite extensively in our sleep articles, you should prepare for dreamland with daily habits you do to wind down.

Want the rest of the quick-sleep recommendations? Head over to the full article!


What the Cell Is Baracell Yoga?
And Why Should Men Consider It?


Baracell yoga emerged in the ‘50s as a combo of Pilates, yoga, strength training, ballet, and bodyweight exercise.

This unique combination combines:

Isometric movements – to strengthen your key muscles, core, and stability.

Since yoga’s isometric, you’re building strength in key areas without contracting – like when you deadlift or curl a dumbbell.

Body posture improvements – lying down on the flat ground, adjusting posture, aligning your musculoskeletal system.

Relieve stress in your joints – Reducing pressure on key joint areas like knees, ankles, and hips allows you to relieve tension, restore proper body composition, and even heal injuries!

Increase flexibility; attain inner peace – OK maybe the last one is harder than it looks – but quieting the mind and opening up the body is always good for a focused Gent to knock the stress off!

Wanna dive into some of the movements? Experience freedom of mind and body, relaxation, and some new methods to reach your peak mobility?

Read through this article and implement some of the Baracell Yoga poses within.


Want to ‘Eat Like Mike’ Phelps? Get On Swimming World‘s Game Plan!


Even if you’re not a swimmer…

This new issue of the Swimming World magazine tell you how fat you should (or shouldn’t) be as a man.

It explains A TON about:

– exercise science,
– suggested body fat percentages,
– performance nutrition,
– advanced recipes, and
– specific advice for various athletes

The Optimized Gent reading this is sure to gain some value, no matter what his exercise discipline is.

Lunges, deadlifts & squats – mentally refresh the most important compound lifts – to build a strong body (via flexibility movements and strength training).

Learn ideal body fat % – SW Mag suggests an athlete’s ideal body fat percentages. They reveal how to get there, with their nutrition science and meal plans.

You can easily measure this via tape measure, in 8 body-sites for accuracy.

Full body dumbbell & yoga ball workout – this new issue also covers a full-body workout to do when you’re out of the pool! It’s well-rounded, suggesting an alternation of dumbbell rows, ball push-ups, shoulder presses, flys, and more!

Check out this comprehensive new issue, containing ideal performance nutrition, workouts, body fat percentage suggestions, and strength-training exercises!



Conclusion to This Week’s 5-Minute Optimization Newsletter Issue 



Whether you want to get to sleep in 15 minutes flat

Tune up your mobility and relieve joint tension, or…

Shape up your nutritious intake, performance output, and increase endurance…

This week’s 5-Minute Optimization has got you covered once again.

Also, if you want a refresher on:

1) how to fix your sleep schedule,
2) how to fix not being able to nod off when you’re gassed, or
3) how to build a nighttime routine and get adequate sleep hours as a man,

… simply click the above links for each of those posts on our site.

Read through the relevant articles pertaining to you, implement the most relevant, and have a great weekend doing so!


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